I Accept

Acceptance is hard to do. It feels like admitting defeat, a surrender to control.

Now older and wiser. I’ve learned the hard way.

Acceptance takes many forms depending on the situation you are in. For me, acceptance is about coming to terms with the reality and letting go of things in the category of “should’ve, could’ve, would’ve, might’ve”.

Well into the mid life, I’ve reached the point of no return, a stage I see as it’s now or never.

I no longer feel obliged to fulfil other people’s expectations on me. By that I’m saying I’ve decided to do my own thing, once and for all.

Change involves risks, so does staying put, not wanting to change. With this in mind, it won’t be that scary to venture into the unknown.

Over the course of my longstanding career, for two and an half decades, I’ve always been a white collar guy climbing the corporate ladder. After being made redundant in early 2020, an event I later realised a blessing in disguise, I’ve had the opportunity to slow down and explore the next avenues – be my own boss, a free agent.

The idea of working for others has begun to wane. I think I’m done with that. Every time I look at those job ads on Seek or LinkedIn, I get a feeling of distaste. I want to meet the people who wrote them and tell them: Get real!

How does acceptance come into play here? In the pursuit of doing what I was born to do, finding my niche and my calling, I accept:


When I accept everything, it’ll come as no surprise whatever I meet with along the way – people, things, events.

When I accept everything, I’m not saying I approve of it, I’m saying I simply acknowledge their existence, like it or not.

When I accept everything, it also includes at times when I don’t want to accept everything.

When I accept everything, it also includes at times when I’m not accepted by everything.

Strangely enough, when I accept everything, everything seems to become nothing…

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