Ted’s Photography 4

The Destination: Known. The Journey: Unknown. Sometimes you need to block all the noises that distract you and just follow your nose - the intuition - the inner radar. A week ago I came back to Manly Dam to finish unfinished business - finding the waterfall. Forget about the Google Maps app, this adventure was …

Ted’s Photography 3

Interestingly, what was thought to be a mistake, it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. This is one of hidden gems I recovered by accident or after making a “wrong” turn. I guess a road less travelled has its payoff too… Ted Tsai

Ted’s Photography 2

Who says you can't have fun when you are on your own? I like the fact that I can jump into my car and go for a drive whenever possible, without having to make a prior arrangement with anyone or conform to their tight schedule. It's been several years since I went exploring Manly Dam …

Ted’s Photography 1

The companionship of this senior couple is heartwarming and the tree symbolises it - tall, strong and majestic. It can stand alone in all weather conditions. I just had to capture this moment... Ted Tsai

Ted’s Quote 44

In a dog's eyes... There is only one race, it's called Human Race. There is only one colour, it's called True Colour. Dogs aren't just man's best friend, they are also our best teacher... Ted Tsai

Ted’s Quote 42

If you can't change the environment or circumstances you are in, change yourself. But what if you can't change yourself or don't want to?! Well, CAMOUFLAGE yourself... Ted Tsai