Thoughts On My Second YouTube Video

Building on the success of my first YouTube video, I expected myself to get off to a good start in my second YouTube video. But in real life there’re always some forms of dramas waiting to happen.

The good news is I found myself to be more effective and efficient in film editing. It was an absolute bliss to see the content I’d created being put together nicely. The bad news is then the last minute, one wrong click away, I accidentally removed everything including the first video. A long story short, I ended up spending all night without rest to re-create and replicate the video files I lost. One important lesson learned – always back up your files! While it was a relief to see them again, the next day I felt like shit because of the lack of sleep.

Now I’ve got the drama out of way, let’s talk about the soul of my second YouTube video.

The title is Follow Your Instincts: Discover Headland Park Mosman Sydney.

Years ago I stumbled across Headland Park Mosman while walking my dog in the neighbourhood. I’ve always been a spontaneous, action-oriented, play-it-by-ear person. I guess in some way I can be seen as slightly eccentric. Because of it, I tend to take the road less traveled. For me, having an inquiring mind and staying curious often leads to the discovery of many beautiful gems. This video is a good example of it. But if you aren’t into something too deep or philosophical, it showcases the beautiful scenery everyone can enjoy.

Most of us prefer to play it safe. But in life there are situations where we don’t always have the luxury – a road map or a rulebook to tell us how to go from point A to point B. Our gut feeling exists for a reason, it’s an innate quality we were born with. If it tells you that something is a bit fishy, too good to be true, chances are it’s got a valid point somewhere. But If it tells you that something is worth taking a risk, then there’s a good chance it may be right.

So, I invite you to watch my second YouTube video. The link is below. I hope you like it. And if you haven’t already, please also check out my first YouTube video while you’re there.

Till next time… Watch this space.


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