Lessons Learned From Making My First YouTube Video

A couple of months ago I got an urge to make a video on YouTube. I thought why not! I have nothing to lose. So, the first thing I did was to create a YouTube channel and write a description of what it’s all about. Well, not long after that, the novelty started to wear off, I left the account sit idle for a week or two.

When my earlier enthusiasm returned, I still wasn’t sure about:

  • What kinds of content should I put out to the world?
  • How should I present myself to the global audience?

I was also worrying about being disliked, judged or commented.

In the process, I went through a period of self-searching, self-doubts and all that. I was struggling to find my unique voice, style and branding. While technically, I needed to learn how to make a YouTube video from scratch myself.

It’s easy to see why people tune into YouTube. In short, there’re two reasons:

  • To be educated. They want to learn new skills, gain new knowledge/information, find quick and effective ways of fixing things.
  • To be entertained. They want to be amused, stimulated or just have a good laugh.

I fantasied a few ideas here and there but deep down I knew I was just a jack-of-all-trades, master of none, no one would be interested in my stuff. This type of self-defeating voice was constantly playing in my head.

After diving into this subject a bit further and hearing other people’s similar experiences and stories, I realised, there’s no magic bullet. The saying “practice makes perfect” sums it up. Those who’ve made a name for themselves as popular, talented YouTubers, they look so natural and confident in front of camera. But that’s because they’ve practiced again and again. If you go back to watch their first few videos on YouTube, you’ll see why they’ve come a long way!

While I’m the new kid on the block on the YouTube scene, I believe I can become a pro as long as keep on practicing. For now though, I’m happy that I’ve found a new hobby – filmmaking.

From concept to completion, from start to finish, it took around 2 months. So, without further ado. Here it is the final cut. Check it out. Hope you guys like it.


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