A Blessing In Disguise

What you see is what you get?

In hindsight, things begin to reveal their true selves and only then do we see the bigger picture better.

What is it supposed to mean? There’s more to a situation than meets the eye!

Since the early December, I’ve written two posts about the unlucky events that happened to me around that time.

If you haven’t read them yet, here’s a quick recap:

Back luck number 1. I got a flat tyre while driving my way to The Northern Beaches. As a result, I didn’t end up going.

Back luck number 2. A few days later, my car hit the front gate of the tyre store while I was bringing it to the service area. As a result, I couldn’t go again.

Both incidents have left a bad taste in my mouth. They ruined my Sunday plans. Not only my time was wasted, my money also went out the window.

Well, that was then, What about now? I count myself lucky. It turns out they were in fact a blessing in disguise. I wouldn’t have known in the first place.

Due to a cluster of coronavirus cases in The Norther Beaches, the government has declared it to be a high-risk area and imposed a lockdown there since last weekend. The health authority says that anyone who was in around the area in the past 3 weeks, should go and do a swab test and self isolate at home for 14 days.

Lucky me!

I won’t bore you with all other details here. But I guess the moral of the story is: We sometimes describe something as terrible, bad or negative, but later when new developments start to come out, they completely rewrite history. Vice versa.

If anything that’s bothering, annoying or upsetting you at the present time, hold your breath. Don’t write it off just yet. You may be surprised that in the ensuing days, weeks or even months, you no longer see it the same way as it was a while ago.

Time will tell. As life evolves, so do you. You’ll gain new knowledge, new perspectives and new understanding of what went on. Perhaps by then, you may see it was a blessing in disguise…

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