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A frugal lifestyle doesn’t have to be boring.

True, obligations and commitments tie me down. But it doesn’t necessarily means I’m stuck. These days playing by ear suits me better than conventional planning. In many cases, to live a life on the spur of the moment often is translated into to live a life in the fast lane. It leads to many discoveries.

I had no immediate plans of going interstate or overseas, so I decided to explore the local for a change. I came across this hidden treasure one Sunday afternoon when I was out and about with my sidekick Jamie. I knew then that I didn’t want to be anywhere else.

I don’t denying the fact that from time to time I do get that feeling – over it Sydney. Still, Sydney has never ceased to surprise me. A series of random encounters like this is the proof. Gone is the old me who used to wander around shopping malls hungry for the latest fashion and gadgets. It did the opposite – it consumed me instead.

For me, on the weekdays, it’s all about wearing multiple hats in the corporate world. But on the weekends, it’s all about letting my hair down in my own world. Most likely I can be seen outdoors somewhere in an old pair of Converse shoes…

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