People Either Want Your Money Or Your Attention

No surprise. Coffee is the most traded commodity in the world. Perhaps it’s the aroma, the caffeine or the social aspect that comes with it that gets people hooked on it. Just a few dollars a cup, it’s affordable and it gives us the extra energy boost we need every morning. We spend money, we drink it. Simple as that. It doesn’t require much thinking. No one asks themselves should I or shouldn’t I unless it’s going to be their third or fourth cup in a day.

Well, I hope I’ve got your attention so far by talking about coffee right in the beginning. Of course, I used it in the opening for a reason. Now my question to you:

What are the most wanted commodities in the world? Take a minute to think about it…

Time is up. Yes, you. You’re the most wanted! Believe it or not, someone’s always on the lookout for either your money or your attention – two of your most indispensable commodities.

Where does your money go these days? Mortgage repayments, grocery bills, utility bills or retail therapy? Where do you mostly give your attention to? Your inner wisdom, intuition, critics or other people’s compliments, criticism, feedback etc.?

The catch is we’re just like another fish in the sea, everyone is. We decide if we want to take the bait, eat it and get hooked. If we aren’t careful about what we’re taking in, we can get more than what we bargained for. Devil is in the details. The message here is: Read the fine print. Think twice before you sign your money or attention away.

Speaking of money and attention, one word that comes to mind is “pay”. To state the obvious – we “pay” money, we “pay” attention. This suggests to me that our attention is like money, a valuable commodity and should be treated like one of our most important assets.

How do you cope with all the predators who are eyeballing your money or attention across the city jungle we live in? To ensure you don’t become one of their preys, it’s important to watch your major spending patterns before you open your wallet and take out your cash or credit card. Equally important is to watch your core thought patterns before someone or something has a chance to hack into your brain and dictate your behaviours.

Is it about time to learn how to say No again?

Walking around the streets of Sydney CBD, you’re bound to run into some charity fundraisers. When there’s a crowd, there’s their presence. You can hardly miss them. They’re charismatic, charitable and ultra-friendly. There you are, they see you coming, they’re smiling at you, they know how to melt your heart, they give you one of the biggest compliments you’ll ever hear. All these are for one thing – grabbing your attention. If you’re willing to stop and listen to what they have to say, be prepared. Charity groups need money to run, too. Ultimately, they want your money, your credit card details. It’s for good cause after all. So, if you do end up donating your hard-earned cash to them. Have a nice day! No hard feelings. But if you’re like me, who’s not interested in engaging in any small talk with them, just smile back, politely say No, look away, walk away. Then go about your business.

It’s amazing to see the number of temptations out there each day. Either on line or in person, some aim for our money, some aim for our attention. Anyone or anything without good intent is like a devil in disguise. They’ll make themselves appear/sound too good to be true right from the start, on purpose. It’s a signal – a red flag. Remember, you’re most wanted, you’re also most needed. Whatever you do, wherever you go, don’t be the person who raises the white flag…

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