Next Stop, The Unknown

Do you must know? Do you must have the answers to those questions, right here right now?

It’s a big ask, isn’t it?

Let’s face it. It’s not the future’s fault. It’s just doing its job – to be unknown. Stop bothering the future, leave it alone, leave it where it is. Take a small step one second, one minute, one hour and one day at a time, instead.

There you go. You get your hands dirty, you plant the crops to the best of your ability. You time well, you give your 100%, you do whatever humanly can. You have a wealth of knowledge and skills in the field. Still, there’s no guarantee. The rest is up to Mother Nature or Father Nature or whatever greater than you. You’re at her/his mercy in all sorts of conditions. You remain optimistic under any circumstances, hope for a bumper harvest in the coming season but you have NO say, NO control over the final outcome.

What on earth am I mentioning about growing crops here?

I still remember those job seeking days. When I was very unsure, farmers/growers are the group of people whom I drew inspirations from for dealing with my own uncertainty and insecurity. You just get up, live through the unknown, find a better way and try again. It was this mindset that helped me get through those tough times.

That was then in early 2013. I was at the career crossroads and in the midst of midlife crisis. The only thing that was known to me when I woke up every morning was nothing but the unknown. Then later I realised whatever I want to know about tomorrow, time will tell in a matter of 24 hours. It’s today that takes us there into tomorrow, the future. Isn’t it about time to give credit to today it so well deserves?

No matter what the future holds, I already have this experience under my belt. That’s all I know and that’s enough for me to know…

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