Things I Can’t Walk Away From

Due to a chain of events, I decided to call it a day and cancel my website “Withstand It”. It was still a milestone considering I’d published 32 posts since launched in November 2017 and I’m not comparing the number with anyone else but myself. A combination of reasons prompted me to shut it down but it was never about me getting tired of it or a matter of novelty wearing off, rather it was because I realized I’d exhausted the concept of “Withstand It” and it was about time for me to move on to the next project and the next chapter – the new website “Ted Tsai Writing” as you see now. The fact that there was still 6 months to go before my subscription expired, didn’t seem to bother me not in the slightest. I was determined to let go of it and do it straight away.

I thought I’d take a longer break before re-entering into the world of blogging but obviously I didn’t. During my time off, I had a few quiet moments to myself to reflect on things I was missing most and what I could learn from the first blogging experience. It became quite clear to me that I simply couldn’t walk away from my passion for writing, thanks largely to my over-thinking brain. Following this came a realization that my obsession with the stats and the readership had taken a toll on me. The notion of getting hung up by the number of views and likes completely defeated the purpose of why I set up “Withstand It” in the first place. All these added up to a quick decision to make a change.

The old posts from “Withstand It” are kept here for a reason – a reminder of how I started this journey as a naïve blogger. Having them incorporated into this new website “Ted Tsai Writing”, gives me a sense of freedom and a bigger purpose. I’ll stick around for the joy of writing. It’s not intended to be the Do’s and Don’ts rule book for anyone but instead it’s a place for me to document and interpret the complexity and richness of life and how it can bring out the best or the worst in us, then finish it off with a touch of empowerment – in my trademark writing style. If it resonates well with readers and they reciprocate it in any way overt or covert, then I know I’m not alone and so do they…

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