Withstand It. The Domain Name Says It All

What to call my domain name? Thinking thinking thinking… Among a sea of many powerful words, “stand” first came to mind then it eventually led to “withstand”. Coincidentally, it was also Word of the Day on the Cambridge Dictionary site. The sign couldn’t have been clearer. “Withstand It”. That is it! As I wanted to create a platform for me to write something about life and what it has taught me over the years, naturally, the domain name must carry a concept that I’ve always believed in. “Withstand It” fits perfectly in all categories. So where do I “stand”? I’m here to spread the word – words of encouragement, words of confidence, words of empowerment and hopefully through word of mouth, I have done something in such a way that inspires readers to awaken the strength within and develop life skills that withstand the test of time (a work in progress)…

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