On The Job Front

I haven’t gone back to my blog to write stuff for 9 days. Not that I’ve been lazy but I’ve been busy preparing for job interviews. Yes, job interviews. Lucky me!

It’s OK if you are not ready, as long as you are prepared.

Every time I go preparing for an interview, I often come up with something new I can talk about. It goes to show you can never be sure that you are ready for it. I’ve found that having a good preparation such as writing a few drafts beforehand, coupled with a simple breathing exercise or meditation practice, keeps my mind at ease. The rest, I’ll just leave it up to fate. Why fate? Too many factors are way outside my control.

Talking about control, the last thing you want is distractions. You never know what’s around the corner. Say if you’re selected to have a telephone interview tomorrow, what if one of your neighbours starts to mow the lawn or operate machinery or play loud music right when you’re speaking with an interviewer? Tough luck! Or if you’re having a video interview which has become increasingly popular these days, you may run into some annoying issue as mentioned above. Worst yet, if your internet cuts out or some unexpected event disrupts at the last minute. Your best bet is to shut all the doors and windows hoping you’ll have some peace and quiet moment.

This job I applied for 3 weeks ago, I was competing against other 200 plus candidates. Statistically, my chances of landing the job are less than 0.5%. Very slim indeed! Well, I was lucky enough to get shortlisted for the first round and the second round of interviews. What can I say? It’s been quite a journey! Words aren’t enough to describe it. The best way to put it is: It’s been an emotional roller coaster. Yes? No? Yes? No? Now, let the waiting game begin again!

If I can share with you one good tip about job searching, that is, working on a cover letter. Let’s face it, all resumes/CV’s are kind of boring to read. So, your cover letter is your way to showcasing “the other side of you” and adding your personal touch to your skills, experience and personality.

So far, my chances of getting a positive response are 1 in 8 in the past 2 months alone. I’m actually quite pleased with the results. Considering the job market, the unemployment rate and the economic climate affected by the coronavirus pandemic, I still got calls from companies wanting to have an interview with me, I can’t complain.

I guess I could wait till I’ve landed a job and start to rave about my success. But that’s not who I am and that’s not what success is all about. For me, each small win is a success in itself and by all means worth celebrating. For example, sending a job application is a small win, getting shortlisted for an interview is a small win. When you’ve accumulated enough small wins, you get to cross the finish line and arrive at the destination.

What now? I shall find out next week if I’ve been shortlisted for the final round of interview. I’m counting my blessings. It’s nice to see lots of my friends keep their fingers crossed for me. Whatever the outcome is, I will give myself a pat on the back for having come this far. I know if not this one, it’ll be the next one and the next one.

Don’t assume and don’t give up…

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