Ted’s Photography 4

The Destination: Known.

The Journey: Unknown.

Sometimes you need to block all the noises that distract you and just follow your nose – the intuition – the inner radar.

A week ago I came back to Manly Dam to finish unfinished business – finding the waterfall. Forget about the Google Maps app, this adventure was all about trusting own instincts. Did I have fear of getting lost? You bet, but part of me, the silly stubborn side of me kept going without a slightest pause.

It was Christmas Day 2016 when I last ventured into this site with my dog Jamie. This time I was on my own with his ashes – my kindred spirit for life. With a bit perseverance, I voluntarily let my faint memories lead the way. And? There it was! The waterfall. Time for a photo opportunity… Ted Tsai

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