Do You Want Money Or Sanity?

This is one of the reasons why I don’t make plans for the future, not even tomorrow or the weekend.

After only 1 week of employment, I have resigned as Office Manager.

The truth of the matter is I met lots of nice people there. I mean they are really friendly. They made me feel welcome and included. But unfortunately, one toxic person in the team is enough to ruin your day. So, wait no more. I decided it’s time for damage control and to tell them hasta la vista baby, I won’t be back!

Why so soon? Well, I say: Why not! If you can do it right now, why let days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, before it becomes too little too late?

Do you want Money or Sanity? Which one would you choose? Sure, money talks, it may even walk. But only sanity helps you sleep better at night. For me, the answer is clear and simple. I didn’t have to think. I love money but I love sanity even more.

If the worst comes to the worst, one day when I run out of money, I can always sell my stuff, my car, my home but I will never sell my soul.

I left the office around noon yesterday. As I stepped out of the building, I felt free and alive, a weight off my shoulders. Before I got home, I went to spend a few good hours at a local park, just soaking up in the sun and enjoying a free time the first time in a long time. Gee, I really missed being in the sun.

I am a bit over all the anti-bacterial chemical stuff I put on my skin lately. Getting the natural sunshine all over my body works far better for me – the best germ and virus killer.

What now? Crunch time! No doubt some uncertainty, difficulties and challenges ahead of course. But often at a time like this, that’s when my real strengths start to shine through. I am going straight back to job hunting again. I will also continue to do what I love – writing and some creative projects.

Since Jamie passed away on the 6th of March 2020, I have lost about 5 kilos, that’s more than half of his body weight. I also found myself not wanting to smile or smiling less and less. But after I handed in my resignation yesterday, I noticed I have started to smile at least once again…

Ted 🙂

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