A Writer’s Typical Day

As a writer, like you, sometimes I have a good day, sometimes I have a bad day.

On a good day, I walk the walk. I do all the legwork required to get things done. A day like this just flows.

On a bad day, I talk the talk. I pay lip service to myself, ignore the writing bug. Only later do I find myself feeling lifeless, worse than the day started.

On a typical day – consisting of both a good day AND a bad day, I write the write. Whatever it means. It’s the day I embrace my larger than life character and write as if the whole world is reading it.

A writer’s life is not a life in a fast lane as many have envisioned. It goes deeper and further than that. A writer’s life is a life creating a fast lane.

On becoming a good writer, one may ask, what’s the difference between an average writer and a badass writer? I can boldly say the difference is in the “day”:

An average writer writes like there’s a tomorrow.

A badass writer writes like there’s NO tomorrow.

Before you set out to reach your writing goals, it’s important to know what makes up a good writer’s mind. In order of priority:

To just write comes first, to be right comes second, to feel right comes third…

A good day, a bad day, a typical day, whatever day it pans out, there’ll never be a right day to write. Might as well just write, right now…

Ted Tsai

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