Too Much Information?

These days everyone operates their life on social media like an open book. With many eye-catching photos and captivating stories shared on the platforms around the world, our moves are constantly on the spotlight. To keep up with the pace we’re now at, we have to be constantly on the go and update our whereabouts as they happen. It does feel like another full time job sometimes.

The success of some content creators has led more peeps to try to jump on the bandwagon, in a hope that they’ll one day make a name for themselves.

When popularity and fame are up for grabs, who wouldn’t want to present the best version of themselves to the universe? To pursue those images, some go to great lengths to look sharp, sound smart and do cool things. So much so, have we forgotten hey we’re only humans and we have flaws?

There’s a mundane side of life in which we live rarely gets reported. Maybe it’s not flashy or glamorous enough. But is it about time to strike a balance before our curated pictures strike a likable chord with our followers? The thing is we stuff up, we make boo boos, we make mistakes, we slip up, we take a wrong turn, we screw up, we fuck up, we relapse… All these describe one thing – humans make errors, lots! It’s normal. It’s only abnormal when we think it’s not normal to show it.

Want to try it out? What’ll happen if people go and reveal their imperfect self to audience or readers out there? You know, those things that have been airbrushed or kept under the carpet? Shortcomings, vulnerability, weaknesses and things that didn’t go according to plan or something that you tried and failed a couple of times!

Once the “secret” is out, everyone kind of knows. So what’s next? You aren’t seen as someone as perfectly portrayed before. Is it going to be the end of the world? Not quite!

In my case, you have no idea how many times after each posting, I thought: What have I done? What on earth?! Why did I want to tell everyone about that for? I felt silly expressing myself so openly but part of me still went along regardless. Over time, I could feel my skin is getting thicker and thicker. At least, I’ve been true to myself and to my word. The bottom line is simple: My wish is to inspire and to make a difference through “true” story telling.

Then just the other day I was at home watching a documentary film about an organic farmer and his field. Asked why he’s doing it the hard/organic way instead of the conventional/artificial way, he responded: Everyone needs to be a fool at least once in their life time. It’s stuck with me since! I could really understand a profound meaning behind that… Can you?

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