Is Enough Good Enough?

More more more, big big big. The more the better, the bigger the better. Don’t mind if some say the more you have, the more you have to maintain. Just give me more!

When do you know it’s enough? For me, I didn’t know when till I got my hands and feet dirty.

On this overcast Sunday, we came to this beautiful affluent beach suburb for a walk. Like before I was amazed by many large luxurious houses along the way. Looking at the sizes, I couldn’t help but wondered: Gee! How did they make it? Of course my amazement wasn’t unfounded or baseless. I’ve been paying my home loan for years, I know how hard it is to make ends meet.

Well, perhaps there’s nothing to envy. Didn’t they say: a big house, a big mortgage? But surely it doesn’t apply to everyone. I’m so intrigued. What do they do for living? Are they all doctors? accountants? lawyers or some CEOs of major players in town? Or are they a bunch of lucky people?

The funny thing is, even on a bright sunny day, I noticed most of those big houses had their blinds or curtains completely shut. What’s the point? Juts blocking the sunlight from the windows? Or something deeper is going on? Is it a case of the more you have, the more you feel insecure and the more you’re afraid to lose it?

Of course, we didn’t come here to watch people’s houses. The nearby by bush reserve is what we were after.

The weather changed quite rapidly from a cloudy morning to a rainy afternoon in a matter a few hours. When we were done with our walk, I was wet, full of dirt, sand and mud, so was my dog James. OK I admit I tempted fate but hey no regrets!

Looking at myself in that state, I didn’t really care about living in a big house with huge yards, a large garage, two grand bathrooms, a giant swimming pool etc. I was just happy to be back in my own doggy place, bathed my dog and had a comfy hot shower myself. Best of all, I finished the day with great comfort of knowing my little humble home is good enough (and big enough) for me…

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