Live In The Moment At A Moment’s Notice

No matter how cynical I am about the modern phenomena and dilemma – information overload, short attention span and time poor, I can’t seem to deny (nor ignore) the fact that they are fast dominating almost all corners of the world. Nevertheless, I believe the ultimate power lies within self – our ability to switch off!

These days the concept of “less is more” serves me reasonably well. Too much talking or attention seeking can be exhausting. Still managed to spare a few hours on this Sunday afternoon to hit the outdoors. Of course, in the company of my fury kid Jamie. We two are like inseparable unity, living in each other’s pockets. Often our language doesn’t require words. Sometimes it’s non-verbal cues that speak loudest.

This walk from Clovelly Beach in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, provided me with a temporary escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life. It was picturesque. After reaching Dunningham Reserve nearby, already there was a good number of people sitting on the grass as if they were waiting for a music festival or some concert to kick off but none of them was even talking.

Interestingly, in unison, they were all showing a sign of peace, contentment and appreciation on their faces – a total contrast to the opposite side Coogee beach. It was strangely powerful. I am not a people watching person but was so intrigued by it that I went to check what was going on. Then I realized they were all in the moment, totally in sync with the surrounds – the sea breeze, sunshine, waves, blue skies etc. It was infectious… Time stood still I didn’t know for how long until Jamie gave me a light twitch, as if he was saying: Hey boss, Enough! it’s time to keep moving. Yes, I got your message Jamie! Let’s go! We walked further up and up, completed the round trip then went home. Simple and good!

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