From Head Space To Outer Space

Feeling stuck in a rut? They say it’s all in your head. It sounds too familiar, doesn’t it? I don’t disagree with it. If we accept this statement is true, what does it leave us? What’s next? What do you do if a thought no longer serves you? If we can’t end the struggle for once and all, can we at least interrupt the thought pattern? Let’s dive in…

I admit sometimes I have the tendency to think the problems I’m dealing with are bigger than anyone else’s in the world. Of course, usually they are not but it just feels like that at times. It’s particularly true when I’m not in the right head space. What about you? I’m sure I’m not alone in this. Knowing thoughts can be distorted, exaggerated or dramatized, is there any technique we can adopt to help us break through what seems to be “just imaginable”? When a set of irrational beliefs spirals out of control, the challenge seems to become bigger. How do we find a way to keep things in perspective so that we don’t get sucked into a deep black hole. What’s the trick? Check this one out…

So near yet so far away. Only last week was my first time visiting Sydney Observatory, a delightful small gem hidden away from the Sydney CBD. What took me so long? Good question! I don’t think I can be excused for not doing it sooner considering I’ve been living in this city for more than 28 years. Anyway, even astronomy isn’t really your thing, it’s still worth paying a visit to this historical building (admission is free) or just exploring the surrounds. The hill behind the building offers some amazing views as you can see in this picture.

Shortly after I took some photos from there, I went back in the observatory. Immediately I was greeted by what appeared to be the only staff working that day. She was so friendly and bubbly that without a doubt gave the place a good feel to it. Following a brief induction, I walked into the first exhibition room on the right-hand side. A giant full-length poster inside a display window instantly grabbed my attention. It captured countless small stars in the universe through lenses of a telescope. Many of them just looked like white tiny dots to me. Standing in front of it for I can’t remember how long, suddenly, my outlook on so-called problems just shifted. Right there and then those huge problems or shitty stuff in life started to lose their strong hold over me.

From head space to outer space, it looks million miles away but my recent visit to Sydney Observatory has helped bridge the gap and allowed me to see things the “sizes” they are – No distortion, no exaggeration, no dramatization. It was an unexpected find in my own little universe…

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