What’s For Dinner?

Self-care starts with food.

The picture shown here is a typical dinner for me at home. I eat predominately a plant-based diet these days. It usually contains good extra virgin oils such as Spanish olive oil and Kiwi avocado oil, lots of herbs, fresh veggies, natural nuts and 100% whole grain crispbreads. My only vice is shaved Parmesan cheese.

After dinner, I always like having a piece of fruit. Sometimes I also grab a handful of sweetened cranberries. It’s good for digestion.

Believe it or not, I actually eat a dessert first, not last. A bowl of Greek natural yogurt topped with berries in season and French jams. It’s my all-time guilty pleasure. You’ve gotta have a weakness for something, or you aren’t a human.

Why a plant-based diet? It just goes well with my metabolism. I found it quick and easy to digest and kinder to my system. I don’t like the idea of labeling myself or putting myself into a particular dietary category, that’s why I’ve never called or considered myself as a vegetarian, vegan or whatever in between. I eat food that feels natural for my body and that’s enough to say, no need to explain it further.

Food can cure (so can it hurt). I’m a firm believer in food as medicine.

When I’m going through a hard time or feeling a bit overwhelmed, one thing that I tell myself is, hang in there, at least I have my dinner to look forward to tonight. It really helps put things in perspective. I can stop dwelling on the bad stuff going on in my life. Having food that’s delicious and full of nutrition is a surefire way to finishing your day on a good note.

Now dinner is served. Food is king. The rest? I’ll deal with it when I’m full. This time next day or next week or next month or next year, it’ll be history. I can sleep on it.

Bon appétit!

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