Be Adventurous

Are you ready to fly solo? The idea may scare some people off, but for me, it’s freedom.

I guess it’s to do with my personality. Being an introvert, I feel free, comfortable, alive and energised when I am by myself. When I looked back, It’s no surprise that I got my creative juices flowing when I was in a state of solitude.

For some reason, there seems to be a few misconceptions around about introverts, that they are less likely to take risks compared with people who are more extroverted by nature. I don’t wish to start a fight between introverts and extroverts or anything in between. I think personality may play a part, small or big, but it doesn’t matter who you are, because at the end of the day, it’s really about whether you have the guts to bear the consequences of your own actions.

Without doubt, it takes courage to put your stuff out to the world. Be prepared! Getting zero response at first in normal. As a content creator, later when you start to grow in the creative spaces, getting a mixed bag of responses is all in a day’s work. Sometimes we have to ignore the naysayers. Our job isn’t to shut them up. We can’t anyway. Our job is to keep producing materials that’ll be useful for others.

For now, it’s about getting down to business. Below is a link to my fourth YouTube video. The theme is Be Adventurous.

Every time I come to Balmoral Beach, I tend to stay at the quieter end – less visited by people and away from the crowd. It’s funny, for years I didn’t know it existed until one day I took a bold step to venture into the unfamiliar territory. The results were quite pleasing.

Here, I’ll take you to a few sites where I usually hang out. There’s a personal story to tell in this video but I’ll leave it with the imagination of the viewers. If you watch it till the end, you might see why Balmoral Beach holds a special place in my heart. All in all, I’m just glad to share this video with the audience – wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for watching!


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