Life’s A Bitch, Sometimes

Sometimes life’s a bitch. Yes, sometimes…

Much of how I plan my day is at the mercy of weather. After all, you want to be in tune with Mother Nature. If you don’t watch her temperaments carefully, she will turn your day into night, and your night into a very long night. Just don’t mess with her.

We saw gusty winds rampage through Sydney in the last few days. Coupled with the high level of pollen count, it would’ve aggravated my hay fever and made my nose sneeze and run like a tap.

Tempting weather is like tempting fate. Not the smartest idea. I told myself I’d better stay at home and be a good boy. So yes, I was a homebody. Well, it wasn’t all that bad.

In some parts of the world, staying home is not an option, it’s a law, it’s an order. 2020, to have become this way? Who would’ve thought? At least, I have a choice. There’s something to be grateful about every day.

A relief came on Sunday as winds finally died down, it was a golden opportunity to go out and about and soak up the sun.

I headed to my favourite beach to have some me time. Accompanied by sun, ocean and sand, I thought I had necessary ingredients to feeling on top of the world. Strong sea breeze felt particularly chilly on this side of the cliff where I was standing, soon I lost my enthusiasm for this spot. It was gone with the wind!

No doubt spring is in the air in the southern hemisphere but don’t get too excited yet. Never underestimate the tail of winter – it still lingers. What can I say? Be good to Mother Nature, always expect the unexpected.

Before I came up with a Plan B and went somewhere else, a short distance away, I saw two grey haired women in about their 60’s, sitting up straight, in a comfortable position, facing each other. The postures suggested they were doing some form of meditation. Noticeably undeterred by what was happening outside, a look of simple contentment and clam nature was written all over their faces – a direct contrast to the wild wild world out there.

The thing is, you don’t get to negotiate with Mother Nature, you don’t argue with her, you just respect that sometimes she has her moments, too.

Chances are we don’t often have a say in our circumstances, it is what it is. I guess my life is like a camera lens, I get what I focus on. Sometimes life’s a bitch, at the moment life’s a beach (as I’m writing)…

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