Ted’s Photography 7

So breathtaking, beautiful and spectacular, yet so dangerous.

Location: The Gap at Watsons Bay in Sydney.

I took this photograph from afar a couple of weeks ago. The gusty wind was very strong that day. I zipped my coat up while holding the camera as tightly as I could. If not careful, I might drop it to the deep ocean down below.

When you have a chance to come visiting here, you cannot help but notice the fence along the edge of the cliff – It is tall and fixed with permanent signs everywhere: Lifeline and security cameras.

While I was taking the stairs towards the top of the cliff, the wind continued to blow out of hand. A few bunches of flowers wired to the fence remained undeterred. It looked like they had been there for days if not weeks. In one spot, there was a set of two candles in jars adding a bit peaceful feel to it.

I learned a long time ago not to judge people who chose that path to ending their lives. No one should. We don’t know what they had gone through that led them to commit such self harm that ended in tragedy.

Those that are left behind… They continue to grieve for as long as the pain persists…

Ted Tsai

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