Ted’s Photography 5

When Mother Nature is making a statement, we’d better stop and listen to what she has to say.

The swell was so rough and heavy yesterday that its mega long wavelengths stretched far and beyond, enough to deter the boldest adventurers. The normal accessible sandy beach was completely swallowed by the big waves, and it wasn’t even that time of day for high tide yet…

I used to one of those people would be there rain or shine. In other words, I would continue to do my own things, weather permitting or not, it doesn’t matter.

Recently, I’ve learnt to respect Mother Nature and work my schedules around it. When it rains, it’s time to stay low-key or stay at home. When it shines, it’s time to go out and about or do some laundry.

Never mind if Mother Nature gets a little cranky or becomes unpredictable when she sends out mixed messages. She just wants you humans to know: Don’t mess me up! I’m running the show… Ted Tsai

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