Love The Flaws In The Past

Perhaps it’s a case of having spent too much time at home lately, I’ve come to realisation that I don’t need to have a lot to be happy or feel good enough.

Well, some of you may already know I’m going through really tough times in my life at the moment, after losing my job and my beloved dog Jamie.

The world is a fucking mess right now, perhaps some people out there are doing even tougher than I? I don’t know their faces nor their names, they probably don’t go out in public that much either but it doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Washed and ready to go. A week ago, I decided to donate three beautiful Valentino polo shirts to charity. They were given to me as a gift by my cousin when he came to visit my family from Taipei Taiwan many years ago. If I remember correctly, I’d worn one of them once only.

When I take stock of my small humble place, it’s not hard to see some pieces of furniture possibly need a face-lift. Those flaws were from normal wear and tear but some scratch marks on the coffee table, the leather coach and the dinning chairs were caused by guess who? They were a masterpiece of my lovely, naughty Jamie boy of course. Luckily, he’d never shown any interest in my piano.

Gone with the old, in with the new. It says a lot about a materialist like me.

A few years ago, I vowed that one day when Jamie is gone, I’d replace those old pieces of furniture with new ones. Now he’s really gone, it’s funny I have absolutely zero intention to replace them. Instead, I want to keep them all for as long as I live.

The scratch marks, chew marks, bite marks and whatever marks are some of the living memories that I now treasure most. Those so-called flaws in the past today look so beautifully priceless. No one can ever erase them…


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