My Take On Job Hunting

I get it. Looking for a job is never an easy process, it’s a treadmill or it wouldn’t be called a work.

I’ve written a few posts in the past about job hunting, so what exactly makes this one different? The quick answer is: Nothing. The reason why I’m writing about this topic again is because I need to make sure I’m always prepared.

To all job hunters including myself, what can I say? The only certainty is uncertainty. It may sound like a cold comfort but knowing what you’re up against – the unknown, can put your mind at ease. It’s very important to set this record straight. So you know uncertainty is part of baggage we all have to carry sometimes.

I cannot stress this enough. Job hunting starts with the mindset. The skillset comes second. Before you put yourself out there, you mind is already playing a trick on you: Do these self-talks sound familiar to you?

  • No, I can’t.
  • No, I don’t think I qualify to do that.
  • No, I don’t have enough experience.
  • No, I don’t think I have right skills

No this No that. Your brain is hacking you with all sorts of impossibilities. By the time you sit down and begin your first application, you are already exhausted from a series of negative thoughts and self-sabotage.

Here’s the fact: No one matches 100%, point by point, word by word, exactly what the recruiters ask for in the ad. It’s up to you to convince the recruiters why you’re the best candidate among the rest.

We know the competition in the job market is fierce. It’s tough, no doubt about it. Companies like Google or LinkedIn often attract hundreds of applicants. The success rate is less than 1%. For every job opening, there can only be one winner, a gold medalist. No sliver, no bronze. It that cruel? You bet!

But don’t despair too quickly. Of course, let’s not play it down – that shitty feeling – Sure, it sucks. It’s a disappointment that you don’t get what you wanted. But… every time you send an application, get short listed, it’s an achievement. It is, think about it. Congratulate yourself. Seriously, it’s only a matter of days, weeks or months before you’ll be the one standing on the podium cheering.

Here’s my take on job hunting:

  • Give full attention to your targeted jobs. Write a compelling, authentic application that recruiters can’t put it down.
  • If you’ve sent the same type of resume and cover letters on 10 occasions but don’t even get one response back. You need to review and rewrite.
  • Give yourself a good head start. Don’t wait till the job market starts to pick up. If not now, then when? Remember, someone out there wants the same job as much as you do. What do hungry wolves do? They go out and hunt their prey.
  • Every time you lodge an application to a potential employer. It’s another step closer! If it’s going to take 100 applications to get there, now only 99 left.
  • None of my ex colleagues became unemployed and stayed jobless forever. All of them landed a job at the end. So, unless you give yourself up, there’ll be opportunities, there’ll be opening doors.

For me, starting December, I’ve submitted 6 applications so far. And? I’ve already got one telephone interview. Since I also include this website on my resume, there could be some recruiters reading this. Given my blog is all about building life skills and becoming a stronger person, I hope they can see what I’m made of and what I’m capable of.

Finally, job hunting is a like an investment. No secrets. It’s sensible not to put all eggs in one basket. Obviously, recruiters don’t just interview one candidate, right? You shouldn’t put your life on hold for one company, either. If you get a bit sick and tired of the whole thing. It’s OK. Go and have a mini break, recharge your batteries. Come back and knock their socks off!

Good luck! As always, watch this space…

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