What To Write When You Think You Have Nothing To Write About

You feel you’re stuck or you think you are. I get it. I had those days. Plenty of them.

Perhaps you’ve been waiting for that lightbulb moment to come but it’s playing hide and seek with you. The more you try, the harder it gets. How frustrating!

It’s funny, we live in the world of contradictions: Less is more. More is less. It doesn’t make sense but it does.

If you desperately want a lightbulb moment to happen to you, perhaps it’s best to do the opposite – switch off the light and get some sleep. Then wake up and let it come to you naturally.

So, what to write when you think you have nothing to write about?

Think again!

Let’s explore the possibilities:

One. Write about your thoughts: Each of us has thousands of thoughts every day according to the experts. That’s enough to write about!

Two. Write about what makes you angry, what makes you cranky or what makes you stressed out: Your emotions can tell you a lot about your attitude towards the world around you. You may not know it till you write about it: You have a choice, a better choice.

Three. Write about your vulnerability: Expressing your vulnerability openly is a strength in itself. You may realise, after all, vulnerability is one of your “abilities” or “secret weapons”. It’s not a weakness as such.

Four. Write about the best or the worst customer service you’ve ever experienced: Did it tell you something about that individual or the company as a whole? If you also run a business, what can you learn from that experience?

Five. Write about your current situation: Are you looking for a job at the moment? Are you saving money to buy something special? Are you in the process of changing a bad habit? Even something petty or tiny can make a big difference over time.

Six. Write about one of the memorable travel experiences: Has it got something to do with the people, the food, the culture or the scenery? Tell the world why the world is your oyster.

Seven. Write about your struggles: Are you battling with some anxiety, depression or other mental health conditions? What’s your coping mechanism? Share your recovery journey and let us know you are not alone and we are not alone!

Eight. Write about money: Any good saving tips that have helped you buy your first home, clear the credit card debts or reach your financial goals?

Nine. Write about your pet(s): What have you learned from them? Unconditional love, loyalty, playfulness, forgiveness, letting go or not giving a fuck?

Ten. Write about now: Perhaps you’re still scratching your head about what to write. Then write that experience. You’re sitting down, nothing comes to you… You’ll find many readers out there can relate to that.

Well, that’s all I could come up with. If I can think of anything more later, I’ll let you know. Now it’s your turn, go and spread the word!

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