All I Need For Christmas

I tried, I really did but I still came back empty handed.

A couple of days before Christmas, I was in the Sydney CBD exploring some retail stores. Despite the best efforts, I still couldn’t find anything to buy for myself. The next day, I went out to do it again. Not surprisingly, I got the same result. After two failed attempts, I realized, I actually don’t need anything for Christmas.

Don’t get me wrong. I love shopping. I’m not against consumerism. Who am I to preach to people about what to buy or what not to buy. It’s a personal choice. It’s a free country. But when we buy stuff only for the sake of buying and noting else, then it’s a total different matter.

It’s interesting. For our office Kris Kringle this year, as an organiser, I got to know one of the most popular and sought after gift ideas is gift cards. Gone are the days we see some small and big gift boxes sitting under a Christmas tree, now we see more and more of slim cards instead. It goes to show many of us would prefer to choose our own gift at a time that’s suited for us.

If you’ve been given a gift card as a Christmas gift, you can literally use it to buy yourself a Christmas gift in January or February or even later if you want to. In Australia, gift cards now a life span of three years, anytime before they expire is a good time.

For me, because I didn’t need anything for Christmas this year, there were no expectations, hence no disappointments. On Christmas day, it was all about spending quality time with my family – good food plus good company. My wish came true as soon as it hit the 25th.

Today, Boxing Day, the extravaganza, my smart phone has been bombarded by tonnes of emails and text messages promoting some amazing Boxing Day specials. It’s a fantastic time to buy stuff if you need anything. But if you don’t and you still go for it, then brace yourself for the guilty feeling afterwards.

What can I say? We’re only humans. We don’t like to miss out. FOMO – Fear of missing out sounds too familiar? We all want to have the cake and eat it too. But hey you, before you take out your credit card, think again, think twice. Don’t forget: The reality bites too… 

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