Stop Trying Too Hard

I’ve been a try-hard. That’s the thing. After a long shot, you come to realise that you’ve barked up the wrong tree or the timing just wasn’t right, it was working against you.

What else do you do? Keep trying? What about letting your hair down a bit and doing something different?

This is when the power of walk comes in.

I started taking bush walks and coastal walks around 10 years ago. I’ve literally done hundreds of them since. It’s a great way to rejuvenate and recharge batteries when life sucks.

In the very beginning, I used it as a therapy to heal my heartache from the breakdown of my last relationship. Over time it became my weekend ritual. It automatically ingrained in my sub conscience, without effort – I don’t have to plan, I don’t have to think. Sundays, when housework is done. I’m out and about.

Manly beach, one of the most famous beaches in Sydney, was my top choice that Sunday afternoon. The sea breeze provided an instant comfort while we were walking on the way to Shelley beach –  a smaller, quieter beach.

Once got there, I was so drawn to the catchy music near by. I went a little further to find out what was going on.

There I was, at a park adjacent to the beach, I saw a young female DJ. I decided to walk up to her.

“Hey, nice music, makes me wanna dance” I said. “Thank you, this is my kinda music, come and join us if you like” she responded. I hesitated… then I saw a couple of guys in their group waving at me, I thought why not so I went over. Straight away I sensed a good vibe around them – friendly & welcoming.

DJ, new friends, sun, beach, music and dance all in one place, this is definitely my kinda thing…

There’ll come a time when giving your 100% won’t necessarily mean you’ll receive 100% back. Count yourself lucky if you get any. For me, walking away from “trying too hard” and going back to basics before going back to civilization is a good way to finding clarity. This is something I often have to remind myself of…

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