Why Should I Be Grateful Even When Shit Happens?

You think you’re safe just because you don’t look for trouble? Think again! The trouble is… trouble will find you.

Yes, people stuff up, systems break down. Just another form of drama you don’t need but it pops up anyway. That’s life! Yes, shit happens. It stinks. It happens faster than you think. It happens faster than you can prepare for.

The setting: After a week long break, Sunday night it was me sitting in the bathtub trying to fix a broken tap.

A few hours passed, there was still no sign of progress. It became quite clear that it was going to be a long night. The thought of it just added more pressure to what already a stressful situation.

What about tomorrow? I had to go to work. My heart sunk as I started to feel more agitated and tense. Then came the infamous line: Why did it even happen? Why now? Why me?! – I lamented as I watch the clock ticking.

Well into the evening, out of desperation I called my brother for assistance. I also rang my electrician to see if he knows any good plumbers around. In between, I also did a bit Google Search trying to learn some quick DIY tips. Lastly, I called my boss and told him that I can’t make it tomorrow.

3 AM in the morning, I was still awake, still dealing with the same problem. I sat on the floor looking at the mess, I thought: Why should I feel grateful even when shit happens?

My Sunday night was ruined. I had to take a day off work. I still had to figure out what to do. There was no guarantee the situation would improve the next day.

I closed my eyes, took a step back and allowed myself to sink in a bit. A sense of gratitude started to emerge out of nowhere…

  • Who was there to open the door to see me at mid night – my brother.
  • Who was there to answer my call outside trading hours on Sunday evening – my electrician.
  • Who was there to tell me it’s OK, not to worry if I can’t come to work tomorrow – my boss.
  • Who was there to sit quietly and let me work on the issue alone – my dog.

Why should I be grateful even when shit happens? I’ve pretty much answered my own question…

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