It’s Give And Take, Not Take And Give

Undeniably, many of us want to be treated like a special person. The question is what does it take to be one? Or I should really say what do you have to give to be one?

Not boasting here but believe it or not, I often get VIP treatment from retail stores. Things like freebies, samples and discounted items. What’s the secret?

There’s a bit psychology behind it. It’s about building a close relationship with the sales person you are dealing with.

Sounds a little too vague or too broad? In fact, it really all boils down to making the other person feel as special as you want yourself to be.

The starting point is to go out of your way to create a memorable experience. For me, it’s:

  • Being present
  • Showing interest in the person first
  • Showing desire for their products

Say I’m in a shop and have been hovering around a merchandise for an extended period. This generally sends out a strong message to the shop that I want to buy something from them.

In turn, it’s an open opportunity for them to approach me and remember my face as a customer. If we interact and connect well on a personal level and I really like the goods, then I may take it straight away without making a fuss.

Later If I have a chance to go back to the shop on a second or third visit, I’ll look for the same sales person who served me in the first place, just to say hello and make small talk. My typical opening line is: Hey, do you remember me? I was here last time. I bought this and that…

As a returning customer, it’s amazing how people reward you for your continuous support especially if you have the big buying power. They may give you a complimentary gift in return. Of course, if you ask nicely, they’ll also be happy to offer you a special discount or throw in an extra for free. This has worked for me 9 out of 10 times. But buyer beware! Be prepared to walk away when it doesn’t work for you. There’re plenty more fish in the sea.

If I can sum up in just a few words:

  • Building the loyalty before you establish your royalty.

Lastly, never take their kindness or generosity for granted. The moment you stop showing appreciation, it’s also the time you give your power away and potentially lose the VIP status. After all, in a particular order, it’s a matter of give and take, not take and give…

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