Write Stuff, Right Stuff

Before I started this blog, my dearest and harshest critic – myself, had already tried his hardest to talk down the idea.

Questions like: What made you qualify to write this stuff? Are you an expert in this field? Who’s going to read it anyway? For some silly reason, all these negative self-talks were fueled by unfounded insecurity. It could explain why I spent many years sitting on the sidelines and why I became such a latecomer on the writing front.

Ironically, human nature is like this: We sabotage ourselves. It is only when we want something so badly, so bad that we must get up and act. Because you’ve used up all the excuses. No longer do you have the luxury of a last resort. That’s exactly what it is in my case.

In my approach to better understanding the subject matter, I see myself as a student, a learner on the go. Coming from this humble place, it’s enabled me to lay out my writing from a more practical and hands-on standpoint.

As I’m not habitually a happy-go-lucky person or a naturally born hardcore optimistic, writing then provides an outlet for me to crystallize my thoughts in a way that is less biased, judgmental and more balanced and articulate. It complements my effort not to overact in real time.

While no two experiences are alike, it is my hope that my posts have something to offer to readers, perhaps something that resonates well with you, gives you some food for thought or adds a bit value to your day…

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