Stop Looking For The One

Are you looking for love in all the wrong places? Is the one you are after? Does he/she even exist after all? Aren’t you tired of finding no one?

When I first saw this giant artwork – two matches: one intact, one burnt, over The Domain, near The Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney, it didn’t really grab much of my attention. I thought they were just two pieces of big wood standing in the middle of the field.

Interestingly, some weeks later, when I walked passed there again and saw it the second time, only then was I able to see the aesthetic side of it and interpret it as:

No matter how much you have been burnt, one day you will find a good match…

Very clever! It’s led me to think that in our quest for love or anything we desire, perhaps we should look out for a good match rather than the one.

After all it’s the match that gets you fired up…

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