How To Have A Miserable Day

What am I on about? How to have a miserable day? No way! Get lost!

Don’t be too quick to judge me yet…

Well, you’ve worked hard, followed expert advice or some gurus’ tips on how to succeed, get rich, become popular and so on. Why are you still feeling frustrated? Why are you still feeling like not getting anywhere?

Let’s face it, sometimes life is a treadmill, full of the daily grind and mundane tasks we all try to avoid. If it’s not taking you to where you want to be – greener pastures you’ve been dreaming about, perhaps now it’s time for a change.

Are you willing to hear the complete opposite from me?

Somehow, I believe there’s a teenage rebel in every one of us. If you aren’t careful, he/she will come out and take charge. Like it or not, he/she is your boss.

Does this sound familiar? Things we know we should be doing, we aren’t doing it at all. Why is it the case? Well, because that 15-year-old rebellious self just doesn’t like to obey rules. It’s as simple as that.

Remember those times when your parents or teachers or any authority figures asked you to do something? And? Did you give a shit? No, you did not. Instead, you turned around and said: Later. Of course too often that “later” later became a never. Always tomorrow! You did exact the opposite of what you were told to do.

How to have a miserable day? Funnily enough, it doesn’t require any skills. Zero. None. Everyone can be a master in their own misery. Come check out my top 10 list. Unhappiness guaranteed!

  1. Say Yes to everything and to everyone
  2. Say No to everything and to everyone
  3. Try to make everyone happy
  4. Try to make everyone like you or accept you
  5. Look for 100% perfection in everything you do
  6. See mistakes as failure rather than as ways of improvement
  7. Complain about anything that doesn’t go well in your life at the moment
  8. Take things and people for granted
  9. Don’t let go or stop forgiving
  10. Compare yourself with others

The list can go on and on but I’m happy to stop right there.

Well well well, when all else fails, what do you do? Use reverse psychology! Now, you’ve read my list, do yourself a favour. Go and have a miserable day! But hey smart you, don’t get me wrong, this is me talking to your 15-year-old rebellious self…

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