Put Up Or Shut Up?

I’m a man of contradictions. Sometimes I can even hold it against myself. Sounds weird huh?

I don’t like any types of confrontation. So uncomfortable that I’d avoid it if I could. However, when a situation warrants it and requires me to act or speak out, I don’t hesitate. I guess this is one of contradictions that I can call upon myself all the time.

This unparalleled courage often just comes through effortlessly. I don’t need to summon it up or make an extra effort to bring it all out. What drives me is my intuition, a natural instinct. I wish I could switch it off just like that. But too bad! I was born with it. I won the genetic lottery. I hit the jackpot. It’s in my DNA. But I came out the womb this way for a reason.

Years ago Dad told me that an unwillingness to disguise my feelings is a major downfall and will seriously hinder my chances of success in life. In retrospect, maybe he got a point. But back then I thought he was too old school, so I never listened to him or bought into his theory, purely out of stubbornness. Admittedly, it was my ego speaking most of time. Now older and wiser, I’m supposed to be that all rounder person right? Haha, far cry from it. I wonder if I’ll ever grow up one day.

I’m still that person who wears his heart on his sleeve. Perhaps it’s not always a smart thing to do – let your feelings show. All emotional intelligence experts would possibly agree and tell you the ability to manage your emotions is your ticket to many good things in life, like gaining a job promotion or building an intimate relationship. I’m convinced!

In politics, they often say: just put up or shut up. For me, I say: stand up! The ability to get back up again after a fall or speak your mind and have your voice heard or write about your journey and share it with the world audience would really be what I call a success in life, in my book that is…

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