Fake It Won’t Make You Make It

Success looks like a high-end commodity. Everyone wants to have a piece of it. It’s up for grabs if you do the work required. So, what does it take to get there? Well, they say fake it till you make it. Is there such a thing?

Surely, no one likes to be called a fake. We can copy success but to fake success? It’s a No for me.

We know what’s behind a prestigious brand. The name says it all – world class craftsmanship that is second to none and of course an expensive price tag! If you can afford to buy a luxury item from their collection, you get what you pay for – quality plus a fancy label. As for fake stuff? You won’t go anywhere near it. It goes against everything you believe in – authenticity – the real, genuine, right stuff.

Back in November 2017 when I started my blogging journey as a first timer, I was super excited about my newfound identity. So much so I went to update my Facebook profile to say that I’m a blogger and a writer. Excitement aside, I must admit there was a bit of discomfort that came with it. Why? I didn’t believe I’d done enough to live up to the name. My self-proclaimed title felt more like a fantasy than a reality. While writing had never been a stranger to me, my harshest critic (aka myself) wasn’t so kind: Work at it, you aren’t there yet. I agreed. What’s the point of telling the world when you have nothing to brag about? A few days later I decided to take it down and leave it where it was before – a blank space.

Some 16 months in the making…

After having published several posts on my blog, I thought I had something to rave about my work, so I went back to update my Facebook profile again. Contrary to last time, this time I felt more in tune with the new identity – it has an actual substance in it.

These days anyone can call themselves anything they like, I’m an expert in this field or in that field. The thing is if you don’t have evidence to back it up, it’ll fall short very quickly. The notion of fake it till you make it may seem like a well-founded argument on the outside but once we unpack it, we’ll see there’s a hole in it.

Be a runner of your life…

An ex colleague of mine is a marathon runner. He doesn’t call himself one for nothing. He’s done hours of training and run several marathons here and abroad. It’s not always a fun game to play. There’s plenty of sweat. If you don’t have mental and physical toughness, don’t ever think about it. When the camera is rolling, all eyes are on who’s going to cross the finishing line first, you can’t simply fake it to make it.

If you want to know who a real runner is and who isn’t, just check the soles of his/her shoes. A pair of shoes that have been worn and run over hundreds of miles leaves a trace and evidence. You can’t erase it, you can’t fake it. No one can take away from it.

In life, we each run our own race. For me, being a mediocrity isn’t a problem. I see it as part of the process. It’s like a mid-point to success. Remember, if our paths cross or you see me half way, please say hi…

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