Dancing Like Someone Is Recording

After having written a post on a heavy subject last time, I thought I’d try something a little lighter this time. For me, life can be a bit fun and games sometimes and needn’t be taken too seriously in all cases. I just think life experience comes from all different corners, even a leisure moment has its place and we can benefit from it just as much.

On this post, the topic I’ll touch on is dancing. What’s prompted me to write this is that I recently got my hands on a video showing my hip hop dance moves, which was recorded on a conference night back in March 2017. For my own amusement and entertainment, I thought I’d share it on my Facebook and see what’d happen. To my surprise, it went viral. They say dance like no one is watching, I say dance also like someone is recording. To me, it’s about putting your best foot forward like there’s a hidden camera somewhere focusing on your every move. You never know when your most memorable moment will be captured by someone.

I love dancing and have been told good at it. As much as I’d like to do it more often, life has been super busy. Gone are the days when I used to spend the bulk of my time in front of a mirror trying to look sharp, in preparation for a night of hot dance at a night club in town. Sure, no big deal time has changed. I’m no longer that kid catching the spotlight on a dance floor. My priorities shifted years ago. Like some parents, I have a full-time commitment to work, home, hobbies and my fury kid, Realistically, I cannot just drop everything, hop on a car and drive to the city on Saturday nights. However, a change in lifestyle doesn’t mean a complete sacrifice for the fun things I love doing. There’s always a way around it. I still dance these days even though I don’t have the luxury to go out nightclubbing like before. I do it in the comfort of my own home instead. Every now and then, when I’m in the mood – whether I’m sad or happy or going through some mixed emotion, I’ll play my favourite types of music in my unit, sing along or dance along – the way I like it. The best thing about this is I can do in my PJ and no one would care. Be it as short as 5 minutes or as long as one hour, dancing always has a way to invigorate me no other forms of activities can. And just for the record, the most tangible effect it has on me is its healing power to uplift my moods. I highly recommend it!

5 6 7 8 Let’s dance!

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