Ted’s Quote 44

In a dog's eyes... There is only one race, it's called Human Race. There is only one colour, it's called True Colour. Dogs aren't just man's best friend, they are also our best teacher... Ted Tsai

Ted’s Quote 42

If you can't change the environment or circumstances you are in, change yourself. But what if you can't change yourself or don't want to?! Well, CAMOUFLAGE yourself... Ted Tsai

Ted’s Quote 39

In life, I've made many mistakes, big and small. Ironically, the biggest mistake I've ever made is: Not allowing myself to make any mistakes. Now learning from mistakes, that biggest mistake has become the best lesson... Ted Tsai

Ted’s Quote 36

Everyone's one and only. But not everyone's unique. To be unique in your own way, you'll have to bring out the best version of yourself, continue to evolve and make improvement every step of the way. When you're on this self development journey, there's NO STOP sign of what you can achieve... Ted Tsai