The Best Birthday Gift Idea I’ve Ever Heard Of

Have you ever run out birthday gift ideas for someone who seems to have everything already? How hard was it? I just don’t know what to buy her/him… Does this line sound all too familiar?

When the vice president of my previous company came to visit our team from the Asia Pacific headquarters in Singapore, we all wanted to put our best foot forward and make a good impression. During his short stay in Sydney, one day he asked some of us: Tell me what birthday gift should I buy for my mum? It was a question that left many of us scratching our heads. After all we thought he was only about business talk. There was a long pause before we started to give our careful answers as we all wanted to impress him with the smartest idea. One by one we couldn’t seem to come up with something appealing. Then the usual quiet co-worker, the keep-his-head-down and work-his-butt-off type of guy nailed it. He suddenly raised his voice and said this in a very convincing tone: How about sponsoring a child that was born on the same day as your mum? The rest of us kind of went silent. Why? Because we all realized a great birthday idea like this was hard to beat!

Later that day, we all knew which suggestion the vice president had taken on board. He came back and showed us a string of application completed on behalf of his mum. Overall, it’d made a wonderful birthday gift for his mum and a brighter future for a child sponsored… Surely, it’s the best birthday gift idea I’ve ever heard of.

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