Passion: Grow It, Cultivate It And Do It For Free

Passion passion passion… What is your passion? What are you passionate about? This buzzword is everywhere. At a job interview, on some popular podcasts and many social media feeds etc. Something along those lines never stops to follows us around. Passion sounds almost like a cliché nowadays. People have heard it so many times that could hardly to register or fully digest it what it really means. So, is it about time to take a step back to re-think why our obsession with passion is so widely spread and have we lost our way in our quest for its existence? It seems to be true that the harder we try to chase our passion, the further we push it away. Time after time we then end up feeling frustrated and defeated even more. When desperation comes into play, what it does is it moves us away from seeing the heart of the matter – the work and time required to achieve our goals, then it backfires.

For me, the last time I was in desperate need of finding my passion was when I was made redundant in October 2011 from a company that I had been with for 11 years. Did I find my passion? No, but fortunately I did land a few jobs here and there. In hindsight, the reason why I didn’t find my passion and the mistake I made was I tried to incorporate my-yet-to-be-confirmed-passion into a livelihood and turn it into a money-making machine. By doing so, I lost track of what passion really entails – it is something you volunteer to do and enjoy doing it, even without getting paid for it. Great if you happen to monetize it down the road, great if you don’t.

So, where is a good place to start if you aren’t there yet? Try a bookstore! Which aisle do you go first when you walk in? In my case, I found myself hovering around the art supplies section more frequently than ever in the last several months. Every time I talked myself out of it, I went right back there again and again, checking out those beautiful coloured pens and pencils and quality stationery. From trying out one piece in the beginning to now owing a collection of items for sketching, drawing and painting, along with a number of books in that genre etc. I know I’ve grown and cultivated a newfound passion and I’m willing to do it for free

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