Keep Negative Thinking In Check? Treat It Like An Earworm!

Just over a week ago, I happened to see Dr Karl Kruszelnicki at city Dymocks bookstore on a book-signing event for his latest book entitled: Karl, The Universe and Everything. I’d always been drawn by his wit and in-depth knowledge of many things, so out of curiosity I just picked up one copy and had a quick browse there. One chapter called Earworm kind of struck me. I was fascinated by the well-researched information presented, particularly some tips on how to get rid of earworms. To my surprise, chewing gum is said to be the most effective way to date.

If you don’t know what earworm means, according to Cambridge Dictionary, the definition of earworm is a song that you keep hearing in your head. In my recent experience, I was plagued by a song ( I won’t name it here) playing like a broken record over and over again. It happened while I was out and about around a beach (as the picture shown). How I curbed it eventually was I waited til I got home, literally played a song that I’d always loved and never got sick of. The result? It was an instant cure! I killed an earworm gently and softly. And the ensuing effect? The replacement song did not become another earwarm. Even if it had, I wouldn’t have minded.

The whole thing led me to query about a possible correlation between earworm and negative thinking. What if I start treating negative thoughts like earworms? What instruments or tools will I need to keep a nagging, pessimistic thinking pattern in check? Use the earworm case as an analogy and apply here, it’d mean: First, I’ll need to step into a setting or an environment that is vibrant and supportive, then actively play a tune that is uplifting and catchy. On repeat mode if necessary. Sounds appealing! This will be my next project. For now I’m going to leave something to chew on here. Till next time, stay tuned!

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