Be Grateful Even When Shit Happens

The setting: After a week long break, Sunday night it was me sitting in the bathtub of my bathroom trying to fix a broken tap. A few hours passed, there was still no progress. It became quite apparent that it was going to be a long night. The thought of it just added more pressure to what was already a stressful situation. What about tomorrow? I had to go to work. My heart sunk as I started to feel more agitated and tense. Then came the infamous line: Why did it even happen and why now and why me?! – I lamented.

Well into the evening, out of desperation I called my brother who lived 15 mins drive away for assistance, also rang my electrician to see if he had any recommendations of a good plumber around. In between, I also got into Google Search to find a few YouTube videos for quick DIY tips. Lastly, I called my boss and told him that I can’t make it to work tomorrow.

3 AM in the morning, still awake, still confronting the same problem. I sat on the floor looking at the mess, I thought: Why should I feel grateful even when shit happens? My Sunday night was ruined and I had to take a day off work. There was no guarantee that the situation would improve… But I closed my eyes, took a step back and allowed myself to sink in a bit. A sense of gratitude started to emerge out of nowhere…  I thought: who was there to open the door to see me at mid night – my brother. Who was there to answer my call outside trading hours on Sunday evening – my electrician, who was there to tell me it’s OK, not to worry if I can’t come to work tomorrow – my boss. Who was there to sit quietly and let me work on the issue alone – my dog. Why should I feel grateful even when shit happens? I pretty much answered my own question…

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