At A Career Crossroads? Be In The Driver’s Seat First!

Sometimes dreams can provide clues to something we’ve been waiting for. I remember a long time ago (in the year 2000) I woke up feeling frustrated from this vivid dream that I was sitting in the front passenger seat next to a driver who was taking me to places I didn’t want to go, no matter how hard I protested. It felt so real that the following few days I started to reflect it on my life. At that time I was in a job I didn’t enjoy, and in a position that didn’t seem to go anywhere. I wanted to change but felt very powerless to do something about it.

Shortly after going through a bit soul searching, having no consultations with anyone, I did the drastic – I left my job and did it without another one lining up. Yes, it was risky but would’ve been more risky had I done nothing about it. In short, it gave me a great sense of relief when I left a negative environment but best of all it allowed me to quickly reclaim control and the power to run my future, instead of letting others dictate where I should go next.

Only two months later, my relentless effort had paid off. I found my niche – a much more satisfying job and met some really nice people there. So, what can I say conclusively from my own experience? Challenges never cease to come at us in any way but by putting ourselves in the driver’s seat, it gives us the leverage to own our journey and make a difference!

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