An Accidental Life-Saver

We all agree that dogs are more than just our pets, they are part of the family, our companions. Believe it or not, even in an unlikely situation they can be humans’ life-savers.

On this post, I’d like to share this real story that I heard on a news 2 years ago. It started like this. On a normal day an elderly Taiwanese man with dementia was walking his dog around his neighbourhood. It was his daily routine but somehow later that day he found himself in a stranger place. He simply couldn’t tell his whereabouts. And because he had trouble remembering his way home, he appeared to be rather helpless and restless. After being spotted by one of the locals, he was then taken to a near-by police station for assistance. While there, the police conducted a search on him but failed to find any ID or something in his pocket. As such there was a limitation to what can be achieved in pinning down his place of residency. Just when a sense of frustration started to grow among the police staff, funnily enough, the dog was waggling his tail as if he was trying to tell them something. Right at that moment, they decided to turn to the dog for information. How? The beauty of a micro-chip! This would be the time when any dog owner can appreciate the importance of having their dog microchipped. Luckily in this case, the dog had one inserted under his skin. With a little bit help, they successfully detected the elderly man’s home details from the device and sent him home finally. A happy ending.

In any imaginable situations, be it in a battle field, an airport, a crime scene, a trouble spot, a hospital, a pedestrian crossing, a random street or just the comfort of one’s own, we can never underestimate what a man’s best friend can do for us unimaginably… Nowadays, with the media bombarding us with all sorts of bad news or tragedies everywhere, this was such a heart-warming news, a breath of fresh air for a change. It gave me chills when I heard it. Now sharing it on my blog hopefully it’ll give you the same positive effect…

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