A Winning Attitude As A Catalyst For Change

Have you ever been made redundant? I have and not only once but twice. As I was bracing myself for a new identity – unemployed, in the Sydney summer of 2011, the following 6 months hit me so hard that it felt like I was stuck in a rut forever and couldn’t see light at the end of tunnel.

While I was busy reinventing my career and trying to put myself out there, I overlooked something far more important – my attitude. Inevitably, it showed in everything I did from how I prepared for job applications to how I presented myself during the telephone or face-to-face interviews. I just couldn’t clear that final hurdle to land a job I wanted. Feeling slightly defeated, one day I summoned up the courage and asked a friend for advice. She had a background in HR and likewise was doing job hunting roughly around that time. I was mostly intrigued by how she kept on getting job offers one after another. There must’ve been something in her that I could learn from. Unreservedly, she revealed her secret weapon to me: a winning attitude. Through trial and error, I began to work on my mindset along with my skill set. It was amazing how quickly things started to look up and the rest is history. Several years later, I’m still employed and hold a steady position I’m thankful for. Looking back, what served as a catalyst for change there was no doubt a winning attitude, a game changer.

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